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As Our Revolution, our goal is to help, guide, and inspire ordinary people to achieve social change, empowering them to implement the change within their community. Our mission is to provide support and tools to help them reach their goals along with a place to share their story and be part of a global culture of similarly driven people.

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#BULEADS Part 3: Passion is the Answer

Laurens Spethmann, junior at Boston University, says there is a simple answer to the question, “What makes a good entrepreneur?” He calls it passion.   “With enough passion and confidence, you can accomplish nearly anything,” he insists. He brings this mindset to the club he co-founded, BU’s Venture Accelerator, which aims to expand and cultivate creative, entrepreneurial interest on [...]


#BULEADS Part 2: Ronnie Cho Encourages Youth to Make Change

In my last post, I introduced #BULEADS – the day-long conference exploring creativity and innovation in today’s society, as well as ways to inspire it in others. Ronnie Cho, the former White House Liason to Young Americans, took the stage first, setting a positive tone with his speech for the day. He addressed topics like: [...]


#BULEADS: A Movement for Change (Part 1)

On September 21st, I attended Boston University’s Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Activism, and Design Summit  (#BULEADS), a conference that sought to “explore the connection between innovation, collaboration, and social innovation,” hosted by Boston University’s Student Activities Office . An astounding 300+ students attended the event, their eyes and ears open to what the 10 fellow BU student speakers and [...]


Let’s Make Leadership Attainable

Are you comfortable calling yourself a leader? Drew Dudley asks the audience this question during his TEDx Talk in Toronto. Few hands reluctantly elevate as he goes onto explain that this is the most common response from his audiences and from most people, generally. I’ll admit that I wouldn’t readily label myself as a leader [...]



  Hallmark Card: $4.99 Fruit basket: $39.95 A smile: Priceless. There are endless ways to show you care, but a smile is always free. No excuses. We underestimate the power of a smile: it can reverse and a bad mood and even brighten someone else’s day. When you smile, your body releases endorphins and ultimately makes [...]