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SnapGoods Joins Our Revolution!

February 24th, 2011. Filed under Social Good

When you allow good things to happen to you, they do. That has been exemplified throughout the entire planning process of the Our Revolution: Road Trip. With that, I am psyched to announce that SnapGoods is now a partner on the trip!  We hit the road March 4th!snapgoods revolutionary

“SnapGoods helps people connect around the stuff they have and need. This in turn leads to shared perspectives, new friendships and fresh ideas. We are excited to see the Our Revolution! Road Trip embody this kind of social good and bring it to so many different communities offline! As a show of our support, all gear borrowed or rented on SnapGoods to participate in the RRT activities will be free. Plus we’ll be toasting in Austin, TX in honor of the RRT squad!” – Ron J. Williams, CEO & Co-Founder of SnapGoods

What is the Our Revolution: Road Trip There is social good happening all around us. Creative and underground economies are finding new ways of viable sustainability. These powerful examples help us understand how we can be our best. How we can work, play, learn, relate, create, enjoy, and explore the world as individuals and communities for a greater good.

Sparked by the need to share the social good that is occurring in the world, Our Revolution: Road Trip will connect these sustainable models and the innovators who are creating them in totally new and wildly playful ways. Our trip is designed to change the world — and will be curated by a team of award-winning creatives and entrepreneurs innovating across fields from music to technology.  Join us!

SnapGoods: Own Less. Do More SnapGoods is a NYC-based startup that lets you rent or borrow anything you need from anyone, whether you know them or not.  We do this by safely and easily connecting you to your trusted network of friends, neighbors and businesses in order to access the goods you want when you need them. We help you hook each other up.

How revolutionary are you? Want to get involved? We are always looking for city ambassadors, sponsors, and collaborators. Please contact us.  Let’s connect! You can follow our progress at or our Facebook page.

You can also follow us on twitter: #ourRev

Follow SnapGoods: @SnapGoods


All revolutionaries are invited to be the first in their towns to take a peek at New SnapGoods. Invite Code:

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