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Documenting A Roadtrip Ain’t Easy

March 7th, 2011. Filed under Social Good,SXSW


So, here we are  in Savannah, GA on day 3 of our roadtrip.  For the first time since we hit the road, I have to time to pull all of the photos and videos off of the cameras we have with us.  I have an innate affinity for video, but I have never done anything like this before.  I’m curating and shooting most of the video content on this trip.  Ja-Nae & Topher are taking video as well, and I will be editing everything together in what I hope to be compelling content.

A little bit about our gear:

Aside from my iPhone4, we’ve been fortunate enough to have Sony donate the awesome HDR-XR350 HandyCam.  This camera takes the best video I have had the privilege of shooting.  I learned the hard way, though, that when you shoot long videos, like the first panel in Delaware, you’re looking at about 8gb of data for about 45minutes of footage.   Editing this footage down will be time consuming and processor intensive.  I am not sure if we will have time to do this on the trip.  That first video might have to wait until we get home.  From now on, I am going to be turning down the settings on the camera, and trying to shoot shorter snippets of content to stitch together into something compelling.

Sony also provided us with a Bloggie Touch.  I have been using this for taking quick video, and for more spur of the moment shooting.  If I need to whip out a camera and shoot video at a moment’s notice, this little sucker is the king of the hill.  It takes great 1080p video and great stills as well.  One tip… when you shoot video, hold the camera horizontally.  You’ll get a better aspect ratio when you offload your videos.

Topher and Ja-Nae have their own mini video recorders, and I am offloading all of their videos to work with as well.  I will be using Sony Vegas to edit everything together.

The toughest part might be knowing what and when to shoot.  On the road, battery life is at a premium.  I’m trying my best to capture the most compelling moments.  Keep your eyes peeled.  You just might be surprised.  I know I will be.

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