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Revolution! Solutions March Contest: Your 5 Minute Spotlight

March 3rd, 2011. Filed under Revolution! Solutions

Last month the Revolution! Solutions topic was “The Fall of Healthcare.” Thanks to all who submitted content to this contest. Our winner was Geoff Visgilio for his video “The Fall of Healthcare: First Aid 101″. Take a look at his video here.

Our next Revolution! Solutions topic for March is “Your 5 Minute Spotlight.”
People talk about change. They talk about how restless they are, how conditions are intolerable, how something must be done. They stamp their feet and holler and let anger, resentment, and disillusion fill their heads. And when the pressure has been building long enough and enough people are riled up, there is rebellion, revolution, dissent. This is usually the end result of something that’s been long overdue. But then what? solution revolution

Most people don’t plan for the end. They get caught up in a wave of emotion or swept away in a tide of personal attachment. They know something must change, but they’ve no idea what to do if that change actually were to take place. They have nothing to fill the vacuum.

So what about you? Imagine, for this exercise, that you actually got five minutes – before the President, a legislative committee, the mayor, the town council, the board of trustees – to convince them of the importance and validity of your project. Is there something in your town that’s an injustice? Is there a crisis that the locals are dealing with that you wish you could escalate to someone in a position to help? Is there something in your community that you want to showcase – that you’re proud of or that you wish more people knew about? What if you could bend the ear of someone in a position to listen and affect change? What would you say?

Think about how you would drill down your desire for change into talking points. Here are some examples:

  • Are you the expert? Do you know enough about the subject to talk about it confidently?
  • Who is involved? Is this a local effort, a solo project, or a peer observation?
  • How is it affecting the community? What are the impacts? The repercussions?
  • Is there a precedent? Has something like this happened before? What happened in those other cases?
  • What are your solutions? Bringing the problem to light is only half the battle – you must have viable fixes to propose.
  • Why hasn’t something been done already? Is it a financial issue? An issue of awareness?
  • How can solutions be implemented? What can be done right now to start moving things in a better direction?

We want you to craft your best five minute presentation. This is your chance to focus your attention and efforts into an action plan that you can share with others. We want you to push beyond the feelings of need for change and revolution and into the creative/mental space where you can actually see and form what you seek. Challenge yourself to become the expert, the architect, and champion for your cause. Challenge yourself to bring the tough questions to light. Create a plan, reel us in – make your cause matter to a larger audience.

Submissions can be blog-posts, videos, slideshow – whatever you feel best presents your case. Collaboration is encouraged and creativity is a must. Submissions will be featured throughout the month and YOU WILL VOTE on your favorites. Winners will be announced on April 1st.

To Submit:

Just upload to the Our Revolution Facebook page. Each week, we will highlight some of the best entries.

What can you do in five minutes? Show us.

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