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PhotoPhilanthropy: Photography for Social Change

May 4th, 2011. Filed under charities,Social Good,social good models,SXSW

Photography driven by social change. Social change driven by photography.” This interconnection between photography and social change is the central theme of It is an organization of photographers and non-profits working together to drive action for social change through images and pictures.

Our Revolution finds a chance to connect with Nancy Cole, the executive director of during SXSW, where she discusses the PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Awards - an annual event sponsored by the organization hoping to promote social awareness by giving rewards and prices to photos and images that best convey the ideas of the theme.

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PhotoPhilanthropy is just another outlet to express desires for civic awareness and social change. How about you? Do you have pictures or other creative works that could spark social awareness? How do you express your desire to promote social change? We would love to hear from you.

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