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There are many stories in the world that need to be told. But sometimes, many stories that have the potential to positively impact society in a huge way are left untold due to lack of a responsive medium or available avenue in which to speak.

Fortunately, a local story in Edmonton, Alberta is not one of those that were left untold. Thanks to the heartwarming effort by FusedLogic.Tv, which donates time and technology to Edmonton Humane Society (EHS). The EHS is a non-profit group that aims to promote social awareness in prevention to cruelty against pets and animals.

Because of FusedLogic.Tv, EHS’s touching stories on animal welfare and cruelty prevention were told not only to the locals in Edmonton but also to the larger audience throughout the world through the show “PawdCast“. This program provides a great opportunity for the EHS to express to the world ways in which we could address the needs of the animals. And not just food and shelter, but in medical needs as well.

In this video, the CEO of Fused Logic Tv, Walter Schwabe, shares with us how this came about:

In your own capacity, how can you help local non-profit organizations such as EHS in their charitable needs? What can you or your business do to help someone tell their story? We’d love to hear from you!

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