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How to Start an Awareness Campaign for Your Cause

September 9th, 2011. Filed under Social Good

starting an awareness campaignWe all have some cause we are passionate about, whether it’s finding the cure for breast cancer or raising awareness about environmental issues. For me, it has been raising awareness and support for pregnancy and infant loss, topics that even in today’s society are considered taboo to talk about. But like cancer or autism, pregnancy and infant loss awareness is a cause that has a foundation. What do you do if you are passionate about something that isn’t well known? Perhaps it doesn’t affect the millions of people that diabetes does, so it doesn’t get much attention. Or maybe it’s hyper local—the creek in your downtown is polluted and you wish people cared to clean it up, for example.

So what do you do? Start your own awareness campaign!

You’re probably reading this thinking, “No way I’m smart/talented/rich/organized enough to do that.” If you are, STOP. You CAN do it. And here are some steps you can take to get started.

First, do your homework. You will need to present the facts about your cause and why people should pay attention to it. Gather relevant facts and figures, and then decide how you’ll want to present them.

Next, develop a mission statement. I know that just sounds like some nonsense buzzwords, but you will need one of these. When you start marketing your awareness campaign, you’ll need to tell people exactly what it is you hope to accomplish and how you want them to help you do it. If you need a little help, check out for tips for writing a mission statement.

Contact experts who know something about your cause. If it’s environmental, get in touch with scientists and environmental engineers from your area. If it’s medical, find doctors or other specialists. Explain your concerns and ask them what can be done to help. Try to get a quote that you can use in future marketing materials—having a professional endorse your concerns will help make people stand up and take notice. Keep a list of your contacts, in case you want to go back and ask one of them to be a speaker at a future event.

At this point, you want to form a committee. While it’s not unheard of for one person to get a project off the ground, it will make things easier if you have a helping hand or two or five. Start with your friends and family. Tell them about your idea and ask them to pitch in. (This is where you can test out your mission statement!) If one of the experts you spoke with seemed particularly interested, consider asking them to be a part of the group, even if just in name only. It can lend credibility to your effort.

Now that you have your facts, mission statement, and committee straight, start spreading the word. How you go about this will depend on your particular cause. Some ideas to consider:

  • Create poster boards and signs to hang up around town.
  • Write letters to the editor of your local paper.
  • Set up a website and use social media to get the word out.
  • Hand out business cards.
  • Set up a table at a local fair or storefront.
  • Ask local businesses to help distribute your literature.
  • Hold a rally.

There are numerous ways you can start getting your cause noticed. The trick is to be creative, be confident, and be bold.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and change the world!

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    Thank you for the clear and concise information provided in this article.
    After several years of researching, networking, and communicating, I am now ready to further my campaign to help make a difference in the lives of targeted, hunted, horrifically victimized African children with albinism, living in life-threatening regions of Africa. Your article is certainly an assett to my passion/vision for these vulnerable children.
    You can learn more about the critical issues African albino children face daily by clicking on my link at the beginning of my comment.

  2. Stacy says:

    Hi am trying to hold a campaign against sexual offenses that are happening in my country, I don’t have resources to push through with the campaign, and the organizations that I have approached seem a little reluctant to help out.. Sexual offenses are very high and blind eyes are being turned. How do I do the campaign? I want to reach out to people but I feel like am hitting a blank wall. Please somebody help?

  3. Eilish says:

    hey THANK You so much for these very clear steps you have said that I needed to make what I want heard out to people I am 13 me and my friends really want to start a campaign about long Q T syndrome one of my friends got diagnosed with it last year and we want to make people more aware about it and a campaign sounds great and don’t worry we will get audlts involved to but if u could email me and give me tips that would be very helpful thank u so much

  4. susan says:

    Please can sumone help me out I want to do an awareness about hydrocephalus because my two year old son has it

  5. Rowena says:

    Thanks heaps for this help.on your website.I want to make awareness out there for post-natel depression and how it affects etc..Ive been through it and was only minor and still losing my children to my ex and mother,now in family court.People are very bioest to mothers.Dads are seeming to become more important and better parents in this generation now and many women are being judged ubder the mental health act of pist-natel depression.There needs to be more support for when a mother loses her kids over this!! Im still fighting for my babies..Its not fair that many women are going through this..Much harsh of a reality.I want to design and sew beautiful post-natel scarf headbands.So many inocent mothers out there are being judged.Iv even been judged by child youth and family..All hear say and child youth and family not actually wanting to hear my side ir listen to me..Just by other peoples storues they will then think its pure 100% correct!!

  6. Crystal Campbell says:

    My name is Crystal Campbell. I am the last survivor of my Family. My father died wen I was 8, and my mother just died 1 year ago. While taking care of my elderly mother, I was also raising 3 small children. Their father never worked or provided for us. I always somehow made ends meet. Their father was a violent man Who had been arrested several times for. CDC 1 N 2. This last time he hit me with brass in the face. We were living with his sister at the time. I was hurt really bad. I was bleeding, I was still grieving over my Mom. All I new to Do was run. His sister and him keptmaking threats for wen I return ed to Pick my children up. I was so alone, and so afraid. A week later DSS had my kids in their custody. Ice been fighting for a year now. I am a good mother and I’d like to start an awareness group for CDC VICTIMS WHO LOSE THEIR CHILDREN BECAUSE THEIR SPOUSE HIT THEY’RE MOTHER. I HAVE NO ONE LEFT IN THIS EARTH TO HELP ME AND I DO NOT DESERVE TO LOSE MY PARENTAL RIGHTS. Awareness of children bring taken from loving mother’s Who cannot help the circumstances needs to be recognized. I believe every Family is different therefore should be treated as an individual……the standards n regularooms should b reevaluated because I have Nothing but my kids left. I did notvdeserve to lose them and I want to know how many other families have been torn apart because of this misleading information. I am alone…..I need people to believe in way is really right. The best interest ofthe kids. My kids were never mistreated and ilost everyone iloved all in one mnth. If ur interested in helping me spread this message Please share, spread, contribute, or watered u can Do. I feel this is going to b big so let’s stand together for way is right, and way is wrong. Please contact me @ 8643597328 for information and contributions. Thanks

  7. Shawn Grant says:

    Sorry to ask but I’m in a sticky situation stuck in New Zealand and I’m asking family and friends to donate ANY amount (even £1/$1/€1! ) to this link below to help pay towards my flight back to the UK. I’m working temp shifts at the moment, just enough to get me by and save towards the flight. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shawn

  8. wendi says:

    AM starting a website for women of domestic violence! It’s not clear to me on how to do that. But I will do my best!

  9. dianna says:

    Just want to tell Rowena and others that have post partum depressiin that I understand. I would like to help.

  10. bobby woodart says:

    I am founder of an organization dedicated to helping disabled veterans and I am looking for support from the community. We put together carepackes that help a veteran retain their dignity.

  11. Lashame Wright says:

    I’m working on a Non-profit for Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse…I want to raise awareness with Teens ages 16to22 my Non-profit Name is Heaven’s Safe House Project..I’m a 35yr old woman with 2kids. I was molested as a child from the age of 13I can remember till I ran away from home at the age of 17.So I have a lot to share with other young ladies and men. I’m also telling the story of my one and only Big Sister who was killed from Domestic violence on February 11th 2013 by her spouse this is where Heaven’s Safe House Project comes from…I myself feel that it’s a project that I’m taking on to see one Man change Human way of thinking and responding

  12. Jay Vickera says:

    Hi im starting a campaign in the UK to fight the job centre. The job centre are criminals anyone on benefits who is paying court fines, csa or any other creditors that are being deducted out of your benefits beware, the job centre aint paying tjem but are still deducting the money from your benefits. Where is the money going? I was on benefits for 4 years and when I started my own business up and signed off within a month of me closing my claim down I had over ten letters from csa, court fines and the job centre all demanding money off me for things that I thoughthad been getting deducted out of my benefits. I have tried to appeal this in court but as exspected the court took the job centres side. I want to gather enough people to take on the job centre and get justice made

  13. Donnie Coan says:

    I want to start a pancreas cancer awareness

  14. Ellie ramos says:

    I want to start awareness concerning the millions of animals that get euthanized in this country in one year. Breeding animals should not be allowed to any idiot on the street.

  15. Carrie Mathis says:

    I am trying to start a awareness and trying to post my awareness for me it is edometriois and multipule cancers and female cancers awareness I want to use orange and hunter camouflage to show people to have stength I want to ask questions to find supporters to help me vet funded

  16. I started a campaign about raising awareness for self-defense. My dad was jumped on by a friend of his inside my dad’s home. After he had taken a beaten he pulled a gun and told the man to leave the man did not leave and let my dad had no choice but to shoot and the man died. My dad was charged with murder for self-defense inside his own home. Where is the justice in that? Something needs to be done to defend people who react in self-defense especially in their own home.

  17. annonymous says:

    Please help raise awareness about tmj. Tmj is temporarmandibular joint disorder. Its when your joint in your jaw becomes out of place and you have limited opening. It can cause problems such as eating,swallowing, breathing, etc. It can cause yourjaw to recede and eventually lead to someone dying. There is no cure for it. Doctors are not educated enough about it and there is no proven or effective treatment. Please go to to learn more. God Bless.

  18. james says:

    The male suicide rate is five times higher than the female one

  19. Oneeshah says:

    I am trying go start a fund raiser and awareness group for sickle ceel disease

  20. Paul Piper says:

    A group of people or cult is putting gps devices on certain persons vehicles so they can hate on them where they shop, eat or whereever else they go. I have been hated on poisoned and put in the hospital because of them. Be alert and aware of your surroundings.

  21. Lauratu Suleman says:

    Thank you soo much for this article. I have been trying to create awareness on Spinal muscular atrophy due to my only daughter who was diagnosed with it but I lost her last 3months. I am glad I am starting now

  22. Sam Zed says:

    please help me in my campaign on female infanticide and to save girl child. please suggest me strong mission statement and creative ways to promote it.

  23. I want to start ” a mothers heart” campaign…. Portraits with purpose…. Creating awareness, support, a future, dealing with depression etc for mums who have miss carried…. It’s still an unspoken subject and woman are just expected to get over it…. Needier awareness for more support….

  24. Winny phukubje says:

    Hi everyone,i am a lady in her early thirties i want to start a Vitiligo campaign i am staying in johannesburg south,please help me with ideas and where to start i am living with the condition also,i want people to live freely and wear what they love inspite of how other people stare at them.Vitiligo(white spots on ones body)

  25. Uvette says:

    I am in the middle of a divorce where my exhausted alienated my oldest beautiful daughter from me. She blames me for everything and all her pain where before we had an I breakable bond. There is little awareness or help on what can be done and I feel this may happen to many other mothers and or fathers. If anyone has resources or help or want to make a stand please reach me at
    I want this to be made known for the children who lose the most during such devastating times.

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  27. Naveen Joshi says:

    Thank you for this big help …I want to spread the cancer awareness and I starting it As soon as it possible…

  28. Alyssa says:

    I am trying to find a way to bring more awareness to Tuberous Sclerosis Complex( TSC). It is a hereditary disease that affects 1 in 10,000 births. About 1,000,000 worldwide have TSC. It is the leading cause of epilepsy and autism yet there is no cure. TSC can cause tubers or small lesions to grow on vital organs like the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and your skin. People can have developmental or intellectual delays. My story might sound like I have it pretty bad, but I consider myself lucky. I have those tubers in my brain which causes me to have epilepsy. I also have brain aneurysms, one of which is pressing on my optic nerve so I’m blind in my left eye. I also get the tubers on my skin, but I have them removed and they don’t grow back for a few years. My grandma has had to have a kidney transplant and my mom has already had tubers removed from her kidney. I’m scared its going to happen the same way for me. International TSC day is May 15! Please spread awareness! Not enough people know about it. Go to for more information or the TSC alliance.

  29. Max Pullman says:

    I wanna get a campaign going to fund me surgery to get a bigger cock

  30. Carol Mason says:

    Hi Every I have a nonprofit organization for Single Mothers. My goal is to better the lives of the mother’s and I truly believe that we will have happy and stable homes that will keep our kids out of foster care and becoming orphanages. We provide essential tools such as food , clothes, Christmas toys, diapers and formulas. Along with life and social skills which includes Parent Planhood, Domestic Violence & Prevention, Budgeting, Couponing, Nutrition & Wellness, GED Preparation,Job Readiness & Spiritual Counseling. We are planing a Sistay To Sistah Marching In Love and Unity on August 20, 2016. Can you help and give me some information on getting it started

  31. Carol Mason says:

    Greetings in the name of the Lord again. Our Go Fund Me account We need cars donations the one I had broke down and it’s been hard but the Lord has been providing and giving transportation to get all the food and items we need to support our mother’s & their families.

  32. Samantha says:

    I am trying to raise awareness about self harm and the causes and prevelance among adults and adolescents. It’s nothe talked aboUT nearly enough.

  33. sarah Tukashaba says:

    I am a ugandan.with a passion in education and children.doing all i can to see children in community attain education.any one interested supporting ugandan children please we can partner.

  34. Charlotte says:


  35. Cara says:

    Hi I am trying to raise awareness for depression and anxiety because not a lot of people understand what people with depression and anxiety goes through on a daily basis. Please I need help trying to get this up and going to help millions of people understand of mental illnesses. Thank you

  36. Gavin says:

    There is a new app called it is full of pedofiles and men grooming children I want a campaign to shut the site my daughter has it she’s 7 and I have just deleted it I suggest others do the same

  37. Edward Alzak says:

    I’d like to thank you for providing me the information that I need to put together my Awareness Campaign to shed light on the corruption of the United States Government, the law enforcement agencies within the United States and the inadequacies of our fundamental systems of our once Great Nation. Everything we have worked so hard to build is failing us our Justice system, our Education system, our emergency management system, our social services system is falling apart at the seams…and if the greedy, selfish corrupt politicians had it their way they would burn the US Constitution themselves turning us sheep into their slaves. In fact they have already succeeded at this with at least 70% of the US Population…there are very few like myself a well trained militia man unwilling to kneel before the US Government and kiss their feet…I’d rather jump into a vat of hydrochloric acid. I’m prepared for a fight, I’m stubborn as a mule, I’m trained in military war tactics and manuevers, I’m prepared to recruit and lead my own army to victory should it come to that. But what my campaign will do is just that I’m anticipating 1,000s if not 100′s of thousands of people who have been wronged by our government either state or federal at my rallies protesting the way things are being done now, demanding immediate repair, and that those responsible for ruining our country be punished for their corruption. I spent 2 years in Dedham Housea of Corrections as an inmate because someone raped me and wanted to conceal his crime by utilizing his Massachusetts State Police relatives and a Sharon Police Dept. Friend of his Detective Scott Leanord to place a false police report and file false criminal charges against me. It’s been 3 years since I was arrested and ever since I’ve been terrified of all police and all government agencies. For protection I joined an anti government militia and have been training with my outfit for around a year now so that they can never put me through that again. My hopes is that many will read this and understand how vulnerable they really are in this country where your not really free but oppressed, where we aren’t really United but Divided, and where there really isn’t justice for all but injustice. If you were smart and you had enough money you’d file to denounce your US Citizenship and move to a better country than this filthy sewer we all call The United States of America.

  38. rejoice mbhamali says:

    My awareness is to educate our community about dirty nappy thrown in the landfills in our rivers.together let us protect our environment

  39. Virginia Barron says:

    I want to make awareness know of “Nursing Home Neglect! The awareness of pressure sores and how our elderly is laying there helpless and no help or treatment available to them, small towns not enough staff workers to tend to the ones who need them most. Please help on ideas !!!

  40. Jsy says:

    Good tips sir, very good

  41. ASONELE says:

    Well I’d love to start an awareness campaign but I don’t knw where to begin

  42. Wow, this is nice, I pray I go through with my campaign about mentoring the younger generation on the UP’s and Downs of life, before they find their selves helplessly and confused in the maze of life.

  43. Evelin Karina Marte says:

    I would love to start an awareness campain on SIDS. My daughter died from SIDS at 3 months old

  44. Meg says:

    I would like to wish all the people on here who are so passionate about their campaigns and I wish you all well in succeeding. This site is extremely helpful and I hope too that I am truly productive in raising awareness for my cause too.

  45. thubelihle Makamu says:

    I am a 16 year old South African who is tired of girls and women who are being adapted in my country.girls and women are raped and killed every day because of selfish and stupid people. Who are greedy and want to be rich through bad things.I just want to start a campion to make a difference in my country.

  46. Ngozi says:

    This is very good. Want to start a campaign on good habits that can lead to maintaining clean environment in our society but didn’t know how to start. Thanks very much.

  47. mpho Manamela says:

    Please help with my campaign on how to deal with stress after been raped. Women are afraid to talk after been sexually harassed because we blame them instead of supporting them

  48. Lungile says:

    I’m interested to start nonfrofitable org.of helping all young girls on rural provide them with Sanitizer so that they dont lose their confidante and Pride/Dignity on their monthly circle

  49. Joanne Collins says:

    Thankyou I’m trying to save our commuinty bus service without this service elderly people would become isolated in there own home.They rely on this service for weekly shopping trips door to door service, Help self groups, lunch clubs. Children use this service for trips to the pantomimes and other outings. I have got from now until September 30th to try and save this wonderful service in our community and surrounding areas

  50. Joanne Collins says:

    Thankyou I’m trying to save our commuinty bus service without this service elderly people would become isolated in there own home.They rely on this service for weekly shopping trips door to door service, Help self groups, lunch clubs. Children use this service for trips to the pantomimes and other outings. I have got from now until September 30th to try and save this wonderful service in our community and surrounding areas

  51. Joanne Collins says:

    Thankyou I’m trying to save our commuinty bus service without this service elderly people would become isolated in there own home.They rely on this service for weekly shopping trips door to door service, Help self groups, lunch clubs. Children use this service for trips to the pantomimes and other outings. I have got from now until September 30th to try and save this wonderful service in our community and surrounding areas

  52. rahab mwega says:

    would like to start a foundation to creat awareness on post partum deppression. many women in my country go through the odeal but unfortunately the condition is unknown and its associated with witchcraft. i have gone through the problem twice n now i know how serious the problem can be if untreated. please help me on how to go about it.

  53. Samm Klein says:

    Want to raise awareness about Lupus,auto immune diseases,rheumatoid arthritis and get people to post medical experiences,tips that have helped,things that haven’t. Frustrations,videos. Anything to be heard and shared

  54. Mahlatse says:

    I want to start a campaign about domestic violence my cousin suffered for many years in her marriage until she dicided to do protection order for her husband together with my cousin we want to start awareness for her issue how can we start

  55. Goriola Taofik says:

    Knowledge and information are two key words that will make the world a better place to be with knowledge you know what to do and with quick and right information one could avert so many problems in life and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. With the information I have gathered here the sky is my limit on any viral diseases. Say no to Lassa fever, Ebola, etc.
    Thanks and God bless you all.
    Goriola Taofik (possibility) +2348029076285

  56. Catarina Costopoulos says:

    Hie there
    I need help startup a campaign on awearness of Down syndrome children in the health care …My child went for an open heart surgery and had an episode of an aterial line which had a blood clot now my son is loosing his toes and the hospital could only say it happens to down syndromes and thats there is to it …my goal is to raise awearness to all down syndromes notto be made second priority and looked down upon in hospitals ..
    .if anyone has input or would like to assist email me on

  57. Requel says:

    Hi mahlatse are you available to talk as i feel like i could help with tour campaign? Many thanks requel, please contact me

  58. Rahul Maheswari says:

    So many peolple want to start an online campaign why not work together

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  60. Mavis says:

    I am looking forward to start a cancer awareness program for Zimbabwean people in capetown because I find out people are not brave enough to talk about it , for more information you can follow on instagram @zim_black_girl am proud to say I survived

  61. Ziya says:

    i gonna start a campaign to help Syria , so those ppl u knw frm Bangalore say them to join with us to make succesful, we collect sme money nd donate it to the charity of Syria

  62. Tshidi says:

    Hi,Thank you so much for provided information. I’m starting my campaign of teenage pregnancy,I know a lot has been said and done but there’s something still missing,I’m aiming on helping young generation to see there’s so much to offer in this life,And yes I know I can stop this teenage pregnancy.I was hurt to see a child in a school uniform pregnant,these kids needs help not judgemental.I was told to stop what I’m about to start cause I’ll be a laughing stock since these kids are damaged.But again it doesn’t give me a rest I need to help these kids. I’ve gathered most the information and facts all I need now is help from anyone whom we can tour to different places and spread out the word.

  63. Tshidi says:

    Please contact me here on 0825751166, or e-mail at

  64. Marie says:

    How to go about campaigning about destroying drugs from people that have passed away,that haven’t been used.
    Why can’t they be sent to 3rd world
    Countries. I work in a nursing home in the uk why does this not happen

  65. Kylie says:

    Hi. I’m Kylie. I’m 17 years old. I want to start a #SocietyKills campaign for teenagers. The campaign is about my generation being looked down on or bullied by others who are not on their “level”. Because of this, children become suicidal and depressed. Anyone can join and the money i make will be given to any children suicidal and depression organizations. Please contact me if you want to join or fund my campaign. Thank you.

  66. Roland.A.N.Howe says:

    I do appreciate your effort to enlighten people with vision that want to bring positive change in the society..I really want to do a campaign on drugs abuse in my country..To make this vision a reality there are some items needed :Menpower, financial intense…I will highly appreciate your assist okay.

  67. Mmathapelo Marabi says:

    Guys I would like to start a campaign to help school kids who can’t afford to buy roll on , smelling good is key.I just need tips on how to start.

  68. Corwin Phillips says:

    Hey I want to start a campaign to help those who have been suffering suicidal thoughts and may know people who have been affected by suicide.

    Can you help me please!!

  69. Katlego Katse says:

    Hey guys l also wanna start my own campaign about abuse,Albinism and homosexual.. I also need help.

  70. Rhea says:

    Hello everyone, I want to start a compaign for work harassment and bullying by managers and bosses. Anyone wants to help or join me, please contact me at

  71. Rachael says:

    Want to raise awareness about suicide as a result of bullying. I am a nurse practitioner and see it all the time and ….i’m tired of sitting and shaking my head. The tipping point for me was when I had a12 year old little boy complete his mission of suicide by hanging himself. Cant sit back. This problem is bigger than anyone can imagine and it will only get worse because bullying doesn’t stop when the bell rings at 3. Anyone with any info, a desire to gather info, ite just wants to help in anyway, please email me. We have to do something.

  72. Lelekumo Cynthia says:

    Hi, I have been trying to start an awareness campaign to get the youths to start making definite plans for self employment even before leaving school in the face of the increase in unemployment in Nigeria. I have noticed that a lot of the youths that are planning to go to college, do so because they feel it’s a way to get employed in the future and when they are out of college it becomes obvious the system isn’t ready to absorb them. At this point they become confused and give up on what little dreams they had. A lot of them settle for anything mediocre at this point. Some resort to negative vices all to escape reality. I also believe this is one issue that contributes to the rise in cyber crime and other crimes… My question right now is, do you think it is a good course for a campaign?
    Please respond
    Cynthia, Nigeria.

  73. Debbie Lee says:

    Can we all start a campaign about saving animals. So many bad things are happening around us and we are blind sighted because of what we get from an animals death. Horibble people go around and club seals for makeup and for the seals skin. We can live without makeup and have you ever heard of fake skin? Elephants are lovely animals and hunters kill them for their tusks. Even though there are so many things that have the same affect as ivory (elephant tusks). We need to take a look around and see what us as people have become. Killers. We need to be stopped. And fast. Before we adapt to these materials and end up killing all animals and have none of the items. Animals need us. Think about innocent animals being hurt. If humans went around hurting each other it would be illegal. We ARE animals. So why aren’t all these things illegal?!?! Please please PLEASE help me in taking this step and making this world a better place! I hope you consider this huge change and what it would to for the environment.