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Thank You!

May 21st, 2012. Filed under Charities,charities,non-profits

thank you revolutionWe knew when we set the goal for $50K during Our Revolution week, that it may be tough to reach. That didn’t stop us. We really wanted to help raise money for these great charities. And raise some money, we did.

Thank you to all of the contributors during the week:

Emily Cruz
Geoff Visgilio
Barbara Oliver
Debra Eckerling
Andrew Marnik
Lesley Lambert
Lois Ardito
Danielle Laurion
Louis Gudema
Bianca Garcia
Dawn Quesnel
Ramon Ray
Jill Felska
Margaret Chaidez
Derek Peplau
Susan Olsen
Bryan Fenster
Christopher Bachmann
Roy David Krantz
Benjamin Seicol
Mike Dougherty
Maiers Educational Services Inc.
Jason Falls
Brooke Larmier
Chuck Dennis
Carol Fischer

We will still take donations for these charities until the end of May. If you would like to support them, click here.

Much love to all of you. You rock!


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