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Socialblood: Bringing People Together to Save Lives

November 16th, 2012. Filed under Social Good

Giving blood has long been a great way for people to donate something precious even if they can’t afford to offer money or personal belongings. All you have to do is set aside an hour, let someone poke you with a needle, and you walk away knowing you’ve done a good deed.

But – except in very rare instances – no one ever really knows what happens to their blood. Who gets it? What is it used for? What if there was a way to have more of a personal connection with this amazing gift that you are giving to another person – or people. Enter the Socialblood app.

Don’t be confused by the fact that the name makes it sound like something from the True Blood universe. Socialblood isn’t a strange new drink or a way to give blood socially (talk about scary!), it’s a way to get the right type of blood to the people who really need it. Essentially, Socialblood lets people who want to donate their blood connect with people of the same blood type who need blood via Facebook and other social networks.

How Does Socialblood Work?

Their website makes it incredibly simple. All you have to do is enter the country where you live and your blood type and hit enter. You’ll be redirected to the Socialblood Facebook group and asked to join. This will give them access to things like your location, your email, and your basic information so that they can contact you in the event that your blood type is needed due to an emergency.

The theory is that this way, people can gain access to the type of blood they need much more quickly, which could help to save more lives. There’s even a place on their site that lets people notify them about emergencies so that they can quickly form a sort of “response team.” Along with another section in which people who want to donate in a meaningful situation can sign up for updates so that they will be immediately notified if there have been requests for their blood type in their area.

How You Can Help

Socialblood currently has over three thousand fans and has been featured in a number of major news outlets, including Forbes and The New York Times, but so far they are still on the lookout for someone to become their official sponsor and provide them with the funding they need to expand the brand and get the message out.

If you want to help Socialblood or work for the company, there’s a way to contact them on the main page of the site, but they suggest doing something even simpler: post it on your wall or share it.

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