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Gramble: Social Gaming to Make a Difference

December 20th, 2012. Filed under fundraising,Social Good

gramble - social media gamingImagine what a difference it would make if charities could get a piece of the multi-billion dollar social gaming industry. That’s exactly what the developers of the new cross-device social gaming publishing platform Gramble wants to make happen.

If you’ve ever played a game on Facebook or a mobile device, it’s likely that you’ve been presented with the opportunity to spend real money in the game to buy items, upgrades, levels, or other bonuses. With Gramble, which will function on smart phones, tablets, PCs, and connected TVs, a percentage of these types of in-game purchases, as well as purchases of platform items that will be usable across multiple titles, will go directly to the charity of your choice.

“Publishing through Gramble is about more than just getting your games out there,” said Adam Palmer, Founder and CEO of Gramble.

“Our platform is gaming for good – players, developers and charities all benefit hugely from what we offer. We’re offering a new space from within the boundaries of iOS, Android, and others. It’s incredibly hard to optimize your games and really build a following with so much clutter around. We offer all developers maximum social connectivity plus the tools, platform, and profile to get the most from all their games. On top of this, they always know that they have contributed to helping make the world a better place. We can’t wait to hit GamesCom and introduce Gramble to the gaming world.”

The platform is supported by seed investments from Novamedia, the third largest private charity donor in the world, with ambassadors including Bill Clinton, Rafael Nadal, and Sir Richard Branson, and the Angaros Group, a Singapore-based collective of strategists, creative thinkers, and technologists.

In an age where our youth is so wired in, getting their attention through social gaming might be the way to go. Gramble also aims to encourage its users get further invested in their charities. You can choose to become a “champion” of your charity or be pronounced a “Grambassador,” which would provide you with opportunities to attend VIP events and join in on charity missions. Maybe this will lead to more people getting involved in activism off-line.

Gramble is encouraging developers to join their mission by allowing them to maintain 100% ownership and creative control over their intellectual property, while still providing them with extensive promotional opportunities.

The hope is that it won’t just be the big studios that get involved, but also that private individuals with a passion for game development who want to make a difference can release their titles with Gramble’s support. It could be an awesome opportunity if you are a developer looking for a way into the field. You can learn more at

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