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2013: Make It Your Year

January 3rd, 2013. Filed under inspiration

Happy New Year 2013At the end of each year, we all find ourselves reflecting back on the year that has passed. “Exercise more, work harder, eat better” …sound familiar?  12 months later, we find ourselves a pound heavier than the year before.

Perhaps these stereotypical resolutions have become shallow and meaningless. Although we’ve failed to meet these goals, we’re still alive, happy, and healthy – a privilege not granted to everyone. Why not resolve to make change? Instead of feeling guilty about these “goals” we still have yet to accomplish, make new goals that can have more impact.

In 2012, we survived a tremendous hurricane, and (too many) senseless shootings. We felt the pain of all the victims involved. Regardless of these tragic events, Americans banded together and prevailed. Volunteers from all across the nation traveled far and wide to aid the affected. This is what we should all resolve to accomplish – be there for others when they need it most.

It’s as simple as cooking dinner for a troubled friend, writing a letter to a soldier in Iraq, lending a hand at an animal shelter, or even donating.

This New Year’s, try making goals that have more meaning:

  • Be proud of your health, your family and friends, and your life.
  • Make short-term, accomplishable goals that will have long-term effects.

Stop feeling guilty about what you haven’t resolved. Eat the damn cookie. You deserve it.

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