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#BULEADS: A Movement for Change (Part 1)

October 13th, 2013. Filed under Social Good


On September 21st, I attended Boston University’s Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Activism, and Design Summit  (#BULEADS), a conference that sought to “explore the connection between innovation, collaboration, and social innovation,” hosted by Boston University’s Student Activities Office . An astounding 300+ students attended the event, their eyes and ears open to what the 10 fellow BU student speakers and guest speakers had to say on a range of subjects:

  • racism
  • social justice
  • social change
  • education in urban communities

Needless to say, there was a topic of interest to everyone, and everyone was united by the same interest: social good.


This was the first leadership conference I’ve ever attended and it blew me away.  The energy and sense of community harbored in BU’s Metcalf Ballroom was inspiring enough, but what I appreciated the most was that the university put their trust and support in students to be able to speak to their peers. I can’t think of another school that allows the student body to have such a powerful voice.


The conference was structured perfectly; student, alumna, or guest speakers would deliver their talk, which was followed by an open ended question for all attendees to participate in. Students were encouraged to network and mingle with strangers at different tables, though by the end they were not strangers at all. My favorite question that was asked – “Have you ever been involved in a movement for change? What was your experience like?” I consider #BULEADS a movement for change; it was a group action that sought to understand and inspire change for important issues in today’s world.


So - What was my experience like? Inspiring, moving, and exciting; a set of lessons that I hope stay with me forever.


STAY TUNED for more on what was discussed at the first annual #BULEADS!


The speakers:

-       Ronnie Cho: Former Associate Director, Office of Public Engagement; White House Liason to Young Americans.

-       Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Lead Educational Strategist at GAGEis, Inc. and Founder of Brook Avenue Press.

-       Kelsey Warda: BU ENG ’14.

-       Marc Salerno: BU CAS ‘15

-       Tim Rowe: Founder of the Cambridge Innovation Center

-       David Blanding: Post-doctoral Research Associate in Public Policy at Brown University

-       Sasha Goodfriend: BU CAS ‘14

-       Laurens Spethmann: BU CAS & SMG ‘15

-       Nicole Fichera: Innovation District Manager at Boston Redevelopment Authority

-       Baratunde Thurston: Founder of Cultivated Wit and author of “How to be Black


Check out some pictures from the event:

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Julia Heavey is a native New Jerseyan and student at Boston University pursuing a degree in Advertising. She works at BU’s Student Activities Office and is a member of Programming Team, where she brings up-and-coming artists and comedians to campus to foster student body spirit.

Follow her on Twitter @juliaheavey


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