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#BULEADS Part 3: Passion is the Answer

Laurens Spethmann, junior at Boston University, says there is a simple answer to the question, “What makes a good entrepreneur?” He calls it passion.


“With enough passion and confidence, you can accomplish nearly anything,” he insists. He brings this mindset to the club he co-founded, BU’s Venture Accelerator, which aims to expand and cultivate creative, entrepreneurial interest on campus. He looks to motivate students to take initiative in developing their ideas as well as prepare them for likely issues they might encounter in the pursuit of entrepreneurial success.


Spethmann’s speech was inspiring to all attendees, but I think his fellow students could probably appreciate it the most. All too often, young people are told “no,” or are discouraged from pursuing an idea could have the potential to be great. In my last post, Ronnie Cho alluded to this struggle – that youths believe their opinions are overlooked or perceived as insignificant.


I, like Spethmann and Cho, believe that passion is the answer. If we are able to exhibit passion, excitement, and confidence about anything, we can be perceived as proficient and capable on the subject – any subject. We can all contribute our ideas for the greater good. So my advice: don’t half-ass anything you do!


Three positive pieces of advice that Spethmann shared:

  • Be passionate
  • Believe in yourself
  • Struggle is good


Check out Spethmann’s full speech here and stay tuned for the next installment of the #BULEADS speaker series!


Julia Heavey is a native New Jerseyan and student at Boston University pursuing a degree in Advertising. She works at BU’s Student Activities Office as an Activities Consultant and is a member of Programming Team, where she enjoys bringing up-and-coming artists and comedians to campus to evoke school spirit from the student body.

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