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Your score is !  You are an Agent!

You were born restless. Competitive, daring, unique, you have come to understand that being different from everyone else is not incarceration, but emancipation. The mundane world is for drones and square pegs. There is a different way, there is a better way, and you aren’t going to stop until you find it. You are motivated by the game, the chase, and you relish the thrill of pulling it off.


People take notice when you walk into a room. You move and act in a way that is just slightly more free and empowered than the average citizen. You are not afraid to make an entrance, cause a scene, or poke the tiger. You are sharp and sophisticated and unafraid. The bigger the challenge, the more you throw yourself into the mission.


You can easily become bored or disenfranchised with a cause if it isn’t up to your standards of excitement or the take isn’t worth the trouble. Your loyalties can shift and, as an independent contractor, you can retain your independence at the expense of potential alliances and friends. Remember that your ability to see the world apart from the masses makes you invaluable.


Passport, frequent flier miles, concierge service, disguises, camera, keys to everything.


I am an agent of change. When I move, action follows. It is my task to ferry out the backdoors and secret entrances that lead to my goals while moving smoothly and deftly among the masses.


Purple. The color of royalty and sorcery, purple is the color of the magician and the swift action of fearless will. The purple of the dusk and the dawn blankets the world in a shadowy half-place where secrets are passed and connections are made.


“It’s not just a matter of going through Heat and chucking in anyone. You have to have a pretty one, a funny one, a thick one and a mad one.” -Mata Hari

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