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The Resources

This is a page dedicated to providing tools to help in every stage of a revolution. This includes finding other people and organizations to get involved in before you are ready to start, finding an intersection to create your own revolution, and resources you may need after your project has already been established.

National Creativity Network


Fostering creativity can lead to innovation and the development of ideas behind a revolution. If you want to start your own revolution, but are not sure where to get started The National Creativity Network may be a tool that can help. Their vision is “Spark State and National movements to create environments—in our schools, in our workplaces, in our communities and in our public offices—where every person is inspired to grow creatively.” The have tools to and contacts that may help you create ideas to start your own social change.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Do you want to read about the projects that others are doing for social change in their communities? The Stanford Social Innovation website is a tool that can help you create new ideas for your project by reading about other peoples social innovation. They have articles on everything from government to nonprofits to global issues.

Volunteer Match


Are you looking to help with social change, but not quite ready to start your own revolution? That’s ok too! If you want to help out with social change projects or you are looking to do community service to help strengthen your area Volunteermatch may be just the right tool to help. You can get matched with projects that interest you in your area by inputting a few simple key search words.



If you are looking to connect with more people doing other social good projects is a great tool to connect, here is their mission:“GOOD is a global community of people who give a damn. This is our new platform — a gathering place and a growing toolkit for pragmatic idealists to creatively and collaboratively engage with each other, our communities, and our world. Connect with awesome people and organizations, and engage with them around topics and issues you care about.”

Harvard Business Review


Here is another fantastic tool, an article from Harvard Business Review, it explores the topic of Giving Tuesday and the idea of community altruism, using the power of social media. Supporters of the day hope to establish a new annual tradition, building upon the success of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Instead of spreading commercialism, though, their goal is to inspire others to invoke social change this holiday season.