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The Book

Start your revolution! Revolutions are being created every day by people like you and me. Everyday heroes creating social good. But who are they and what can we learn from them? I am very proud to introduce my new book, “How to Create a Revolution: A Step-by-Step Guide from History’s Social Influencers“. In each chapter, [...]


twitter for good claire diaz-ortiz

Book Review: Twitter for Good by Claire Diaz-Ortiz

We have seen the value that social media offers to businesses and individuals seeking to promote themselves. It only makes sense that non-profits and other entities can harness that same power to promote their causes. That’s where Claire Diaz-Ortiz’s Twitter for Good comes in. Diaz-Ortiz is the leader of Corporate Social Innovation and Philanthropy at [...]


The Open Road

Here we go!

Day one of the Our Revolution Roadtrip is underway.  This morning at 730 am, I was picked up in NYC by Ja-Nae & Topher in a van that DOESN’T look very much like a GreenVan.  Unfortunately, as our bio-diesel van was being driven from Boston to NYC, it broke down.  Thanks to the AWESOME people [...]



Shoutout to Wilmington’s City Ambassadors

Today has been a busy, but exciting day! The city that has set the bar has been Wilmington, DE (#netDE). The Wilmington event is on March 5th, at 11:30am. A BIG Thank you to our City Ambassadors.


Picture 3

Our Revolution: We’re Coming to Your Town!

It’s alive! I’m so excited to have the website (though still in flux) up and running. Watch the video and tell me who you know. I look forward to connecting with you!