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What Makes You Unique?

Uniqueness can take a variety of forms – it could be sense of humor, sense of style, way of thinking, or simply a birth mark. What makes you stand out? Identify it and embrace it. The biggest mistake a person can make is trying to hide their individuality in an attempt to fit in. What [...]


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You Have The Power To Change The World

  It’s difficult to stay optimistic during hard times, especially following the horrific events in recent news. We often shake our heads, our hearts heavy, and wonder what went wrong. We feel like helpless spectators and assume that our power is not great enough to overcome such issues. Do yourself a favor and eliminate doubt. Small [...]


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ad·ven·ture: noun, verb 1. a bold, usually risky undertaking 2. an exciting or very unusual experience. Some people sail through life, reluctant to take risks. Be brave – you cannot make change until you are open to it. Life is an adventure. Live the adventure.


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Live Passionately.

At several points in life, chances are you will be inspired by another individual. The individual might be a celebrity with unmistakable talent, an entrepreneur who is secure and satisfied with his/her career, or a volunteer who has done a priceless deed. These individuals are probably influential because of the passion they exhibit. Let them [...]


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Thank You!

We knew when we set the goal for $50K during Our Revolution week, that it may be tough to reach. That didn’t stop us. We really wanted to help raise money for these great charities. And raise some money, we did. Thank you to all of the contributors during the week: Emily Cruz Geoff Visgilio [...]


edmonton humane society Donates to Edmonton Humane Society

CEO of Walter Schwabe shares how an online tv show called PawdCast came into reality through active collaboration between and Edmonton Humane Society.


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Fraternities and Sororities Helps Promote Social Change

Fraternities and sororities in University of Memphis create their own revolution by joining several activities that promotes social change within Memphis.



PhotoPhilanthropy: Photography for Social Change

Our Revolution finds a chance to connect with Nancy Cole, the executive director of during PhotoPhilantropy Activist Awards – an annual event sponsored by the organization hoping to promote social awareness by giving rewards and prices to photos and images that best convey the ideas of the theme.


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The Future of Non-Profits

Is the non-profit model as we know it dead? As part of March/April’s Revolution: Solutions Spotlight, Estrella Rosenberg, the founder of Big Love Little Hearts talks about her organizations’ transformation and the future of non-profits. What are your thoughts? Should more non-profits head in this direction? Are there other non-profits that have decided to take [...]