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The Importance of Storytelling as a Tool for Social Good

What’s your story? If you’ve ever had any creative writing instruction, you’ve probably learned the cardinal rule of writing interesting stories: “Show, don’t tell.” This means choosing descriptive words and painting a vivid mental picture for your listeners or readers, allowing them to envision the scene in their own minds. To get people to join [...]


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The Future of Social Activism

  When you think of social activism, you probably think of all those grainy black and white videos from the 50s and 60s with people marching in the streets. Back in our parents’ and grandparents’ time, they gathered in thousands and stood up for racial equality, women’s rights, and freedom of all kinds. They wanted [...]



Overcoming Violence Through Positive Social Influence

What is the power of influence? Is it our ability to persuade those around us into performing a certain action or thinking a certain way? Is this merely the action that influences us or does the power reside in the individual? Does this influence increase exponentially when you factor in the power of one’s social [...]


The Future of Education: The Great American Teach-In

Everything is a classroom. How we teach and what we learn on a day-to-day is much different from our experience in school. As a professor, I see the disconnect on a daily basis. But the question is, what to do about it. At SXSW, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Lehmann, the principal of [...]


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On the Road: Hello from Georgia

Our Revolution leader, Ja-Nae Duane talks about the being on the road and emerging trends that have come from city events.