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#BULEADS Part 2: Ronnie Cho Encourages Youth to Make Change

In my last post, I introduced #BULEADS – the day-long conference exploring creativity and innovation in today’s society, as well as ways to inspire it in others. Ronnie Cho, the former White House Liason to Young Americans, took the stage first, setting a positive tone with his speech for the day. He addressed topics like: [...]


Rodney Laurie Markell

Laurie Bick Believes Community Matters

Currently serving as the Communications Director at The Delaware State Republican Committee, Laurie Bick is a self-described “marketing athlete,” with vast experience utilizing both traditional and social media to get the word out in her career, and about the things she believes in. Those skills made her the perfect person to serve as the director [...]



Revolutionizing the Classroom – A Conversation with Whitney Hoffman

Recently we were able to sit down with writer and content producer, Whitney Hoffman, a prominent voice in new media who, for the last several years, has been leading her own revolution in the field of education. Inspired in large part by her children’s own experience with learning, Whitney has used multiple platforms – including [...]