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PG&E employees volunteering at the Alameda County Community Food Bank. (cc)  Alameda County Community Food Bank

Starting a Revolution in Your Workplace

The cubicle farm where you work might not seem like the ideal place to make a difference in your community (unless you’re working for a nonprofit with that goal!), but you might be surprised by the wide variety of ways that businesses can encourage and promote charitable actions. Sometimes they just need someone like you [...]



Should Your Non-Profit Start a Social Enterprise?

Maintaining the funding for a non-profit is tough. Sure, there are donations and volunteers, but even then you still need money to keep the lights on and pay for your office space. Most non-profits end up spending as much time applying to grants and trying to keep their financial heads above water as they do [...]



Food Sovereignty and Buying Local: The Power Of What You Eat

“Buy Local” is a phrase we see often, but sometimes it isn’t always clear what the advantages are of doing so. The key lies in a thing called food sovereignty.   What is Food Sovereignty? Like most kinds of sovereignty, food sovereignty is related to control and power. Control over food is one of the [...]


create a revolution-janae

Announcement: Launch of Our Revolution Week

We have some big news to share with you! Since Ja-Nae’s book, “How to Create a Revolution: A Step-by-Step-Guide to History’s Social Influencers” is coming out May 3rd, we’ve decided to do something special and help those unsung heroes who have been working so hard to change the world. With that, we are pleased to [...]


how to help after a natural disaster

How to Help in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster

As Hurricane Irene, potentially the worst storm the Northeast has seen in over 25 years, bears down on the east coast, citizens are hurriedly making emergency preparations. FEMA provides plenty of checklists and tips for being prepared, and most people will have their emergency kits, spare batteries, and non-perishable food supplies stocked up. But in [...]



Overcoming Violence Through Positive Social Influence

What is the power of influence? Is it our ability to persuade those around us into performing a certain action or thinking a certain way? Is this merely the action that influences us or does the power reside in the individual? Does this influence increase exponentially when you factor in the power of one’s social [...]


group volunteer project

How to Organize a Group Volunteer Project

Organizing a group project is a rewarding, but huge, task. It requires hours of planning and talking with volunteers to organize and delegate the work. Nevertheless, with the cooperation of everyone involved, it can end up being not only a productive endeavor, but fun as well. It’s an opportunity to share your own passion with [...]


revolution estrella creating a revolution

The Future of Non-Profits

Is the non-profit model as we know it dead? As part of March/April’s Revolution: Solutions Spotlight, Estrella Rosenberg, the founder of Big Love Little Hearts talks about her organizations’ transformation and the future of non-profits. What are your thoughts? Should more non-profits head in this direction? Are there other non-profits that have decided to take [...]


Our Revolution Delaware Event

Our Revolution: Delaware Event Video

On March 5, 2011, Ja-Nae Duane kicked off the Revolution Road Trip with public discussion in Delaware.



Revolution! Solutions March Contest: Your 5 Minute Spotlight

Last month the Revolution! Solutions topic was “The Fall of Healthcare.” Thanks to all who submitted content to this contest. Our winner was Geoff Visgilio for his video “The Fall of Healthcare: First Aid 101″. Take a look at his video here. Our next Revolution! Solutions topic for March is “Your 5 Minute Spotlight.” People [...]