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#BULEADS Part 2: Ronnie Cho Encourages Youth to Make Change

In my last post, I introduced #BULEADS – the day-long conference exploring creativity and innovation in today’s society, as well as ways to inspire it in others. Ronnie Cho, the former White House Liason to Young Americans, took the stage first, setting a positive tone with his speech for the day. He addressed topics like: [...]


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You Have The Power To Change The World

  It’s difficult to stay optimistic during hard times, especially following the horrific events in recent news. We often shake our heads, our hearts heavy, and wonder what went wrong. We feel like helpless spectators and assume that our power is not great enough to overcome such issues. Do yourself a favor and eliminate doubt. Small [...]


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ad·ven·ture: noun, verb 1. a bold, usually risky undertaking 2. an exciting or very unusual experience. Some people sail through life, reluctant to take risks. Be brave – you cannot make change until you are open to it. Life is an adventure. Live the adventure.


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Live Passionately.

At several points in life, chances are you will be inspired by another individual. The individual might be a celebrity with unmistakable talent, an entrepreneur who is secure and satisfied with his/her career, or a volunteer who has done a priceless deed. These individuals are probably influential because of the passion they exhibit. Let them [...]



7 Social Change Kickstarters — and Why They Will Change the World

Kickstarter has gotten a lot of press for its ability to fund people’s passion projects (albums, films, even magnetic hieroglyphics), but few things have been written about the rising trend that some are using it to help those in need and foster change in the world. With that in mind, here are seven Kickstarter projects [...]


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25 Social Entrepreneurs to Watch

Starting any entrepreneurial endeavor isn’t easy – the commitment, hard work, and long hours involved is tremendous – which is why it’s so amazing when someone decides to embark on a new venture with the goal of generating social returns rather than monetary ones. These 25 people saw a societal need and, rather than sitting [...]