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The Importance of Storytelling as a Tool for Social Good

What’s your story? If you’ve ever had any creative writing instruction, you’ve probably learned the cardinal rule of writing interesting stories: “Show, don’t tell.” This means choosing descriptive words and painting a vivid mental picture for your listeners or readers, allowing them to envision the scene in their own minds. To get people to join [...]



7 Social Change Kickstarters — and Why They Will Change the World

Kickstarter has gotten a lot of press for its ability to fund people’s passion projects (albums, films, even magnetic hieroglyphics), but few things have been written about the rising trend that some are using it to help those in need and foster change in the world. With that in mind, here are seven Kickstarter projects [...]


the visionary

Getting to Know The Revolutionary Types

Revolutionaries come in all shapes and sizes, which is important to any social change. If everyone tries to do the same thing, then the revolution is doomed to crumble, since nothing would be fully accomplished and everyone would just end up getting in one another’s way. Knowing your Revolutionary Archetype helps you figure out what [...]


Rodney Laurie Markell

Laurie Bick Believes Community Matters

Currently serving as the Communications Director at The Delaware State Republican Committee, Laurie Bick is a self-described “marketing athlete,” with vast experience utilizing both traditional and social media to get the word out in her career, and about the things she believes in. Those skills made her the perfect person to serve as the director [...]


How to Become a Social Activist

The last few years we’ve had some of the hottest (and coldest) days in recorded history. Politicians are taking aim at rights that women have had for decades. States keep passing laws forbidding same-sex couples from marrying, while on the television our President announces his support for homosexual marriage. And the Occupy Movement has gone [...]



The Key to Getting Motivated

For creatives, world changers, truth seekers and the socially-driven, motivation is a constant see-saw battle between passion and procrastination. We don’t always wake ready to conquer things. Sometimes, just getting into first gear is a taxing process. The key to getting and staying motivated is … (lengthy drum roll) To stop focusing on motivation. Wait, [...]