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Let’s Make Leadership Attainable

Are you comfortable calling yourself a leader? Drew Dudley asks the audience this question during his TEDx Talk in Toronto. Few hands reluctantly elevate as he goes onto explain that this is the most common response from his audiences and from most people, generally. I’ll admit that I wouldn’t readily label myself as a leader [...]


live passionately

Live Passionately.

At several points in life, chances are you will be inspired by another individual. The individual might be a celebrity with unmistakable talent, an entrepreneur who is secure and satisfied with his/her career, or a volunteer who has done a priceless deed. These individuals are probably influential because of the passion they exhibit. Let them [...]



HopeMob: Crowdsourcing for Social Giving

Head over to Kickstarter and you’ll see lots of people waving their arms and trying to get your attention for personal projects, like helping an indie band get their first album made or a wannabe developer make a really cool sounding video game. With all the struggle going on in the world, it’s a shame [...]



Should Your Non-Profit Start a Social Enterprise?

Maintaining the funding for a non-profit is tough. Sure, there are donations and volunteers, but even then you still need money to keep the lights on and pay for your office space. Most non-profits end up spending as much time applying to grants and trying to keep their financial heads above water as they do [...]



How to Keep Your Volunteers Motivated

In a time of shrinking budgets, and even when funding is plentiful, volunteers are the heart and soul of your organization, event, or project. However, when you get deep into your work, remembering to motivate your volunteers often moves to the back burner in terms of your priorities. Getting caught up in daily activities or [...]



Food Sovereignty and Buying Local: The Power Of What You Eat

“Buy Local” is a phrase we see often, but sometimes it isn’t always clear what the advantages are of doing so. The key lies in a thing called food sovereignty.   What is Food Sovereignty? Like most kinds of sovereignty, food sovereignty is related to control and power. Control over food is one of the [...]


create a revolution-janae

Announcement: Launch of Our Revolution Week

We have some big news to share with you! Since Ja-Nae’s book, “How to Create a Revolution: A Step-by-Step-Guide to History’s Social Influencers” is coming out May 3rd, we’ve decided to do something special and help those unsung heroes who have been working so hard to change the world. With that, we are pleased to [...]


kids are heroes

Kids Are Heroes: Helping Children Change the World

It started with a 9-year-old’s pronouncement, “I want to help animals.” MaryMargaret O’Neill’s father, Gabe, suggested she broaden her goal. “Why stop at animals? Why not people, too, or the environment?” From that moment in 2008, father and daughter took a germ of an idea and grew it into Kids Are Heroes, a global non-profit [...]



Overcoming Violence Through Positive Social Influence

What is the power of influence? Is it our ability to persuade those around us into performing a certain action or thinking a certain way? Is this merely the action that influences us or does the power reside in the individual? Does this influence increase exponentially when you factor in the power of one’s social [...]


edmonton humane society Donates to Edmonton Humane Society

CEO of Walter Schwabe shares how an online tv show called PawdCast came into reality through active collaboration between and Edmonton Humane Society.