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Gramble: Social Gaming to Make a Difference

Imagine what a difference it would make if charities could get a piece of the multi-billion dollar social gaming industry. That’s exactly what the developers of the new cross-device social gaming publishing platform Gramble wants to make happen. If you’ve ever played a game on Facebook or a mobile device, it’s likely that you’ve been [...]


Catching Sunset by Keoni on Flickr (Storytelling)

Storytelling for Social Good: Developing Your Message

The first post in our storytelling series highlighted the reasons why storytelling is useful when promoting a cause, a project, or your organization. It also gave some examples of tools you can use to tell your story effectively. This post will gives you some more suggestions for developing your unique message. Again, three important goals [...]


PG&E employees volunteering at the Alameda County Community Food Bank. (cc)  Alameda County Community Food Bank

Starting a Revolution in Your Workplace

The cubicle farm where you work might not seem like the ideal place to make a difference in your community (unless you’re working for a nonprofit with that goal!), but you might be surprised by the wide variety of ways that businesses can encourage and promote charitable actions. Sometimes they just need someone like you [...]


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The Social Good Tweets of the Week (11/25/12-12/2/12)

So it turns out that Twitter is good for more than just following B-list celebrities and getting messages from Barack Obama. A lot of forward-thinking people and organizations are using it to promote social good and getting the word out about causes and events that seek to make the world a better place. But because [...]


NYPD homeless

An Act of Kindness: The Homeless and the NYPD

Update: The police offer we’ve written about below is Larry DePrimo who said, when asked about his generosity, “I didn’t think anything of it.” Let NYPD officer DePrimo be a gracious example of what we should strive for in this world. Acts of kindness happen every day. Here is one that we came across from [...]



Socialblood: Bringing People Together to Save Lives

Giving blood has long been a great way for people to donate something precious even if they can’t afford to offer money or personal belongings. All you have to do is set aside an hour, let someone poke you with a needle, and you walk away knowing you’ve done a good deed. But – except [...]



HopeMob: Crowdsourcing for Social Giving

Head over to Kickstarter and you’ll see lots of people waving their arms and trying to get your attention for personal projects, like helping an indie band get their first album made or a wannabe developer make a really cool sounding video game. With all the struggle going on in the world, it’s a shame [...]



The Importance of Storytelling as a Tool for Social Good

What’s your story? If you’ve ever had any creative writing instruction, you’ve probably learned the cardinal rule of writing interesting stories: “Show, don’t tell.” This means choosing descriptive words and painting a vivid mental picture for your listeners or readers, allowing them to envision the scene in their own minds. To get people to join [...]



Should Your Non-Profit Start a Social Enterprise?

Maintaining the funding for a non-profit is tough. Sure, there are donations and volunteers, but even then you still need money to keep the lights on and pay for your office space. Most non-profits end up spending as much time applying to grants and trying to keep their financial heads above water as they do [...]



Promoting Social Good: Spotlight on Social Change Apps

If you’re passionate about social change, you can’t help but be excited by all of the opportunities to make an impact using the latest technology. Social change apps have been around for a while now, but there are new ones being developed constantly, becoming more user-friendly and offering greater rewards in exchange for your participation. [...]