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PhotoPhilanthropy: Photography for Social Change

Our Revolution finds a chance to connect with Nancy Cole, the executive director of during PhotoPhilantropy Activist Awards – an annual event sponsored by the organization hoping to promote social awareness by giving rewards and prices to photos and images that best convey the ideas of the theme.


revolution estrella creating a revolution

The Future of Non-Profits

Is the non-profit model as we know it dead? As part of March/April’s Revolution: Solutions Spotlight, Estrella Rosenberg, the founder of Big Love Little Hearts talks about her organizations’ transformation and the future of non-profits. What are your thoughts? Should more non-profits head in this direction? Are there other non-profits that have decided to take [...]



Not an Option

I saw this graffiti piece in South Austin as I was walking around the streets on one of our last days in town. The walk around town was part to get out of the usual craziness of the South by Southwest Conference and explore, part for photography, but mostly to clear my head. We hit [...]


Our Revolution Speaks Out at SXSW Social Media Clubhouse

After a rewarding first half of the trip, Ja-Nae Duane, Topher Zioboro, and Stuart Tracte speak about Our Revolution and crowd sourcing a road trip. Take a look: Our Revolution – 3.11.11 from Social Media Club on Vimeo. Special thanks to Jessica Murray of Social Media Club Chicago for inviting us to speak. What’s socially [...]


The Future of Education: The Great American Teach-In

Everything is a classroom. How we teach and what we learn on a day-to-day is much different from our experience in school. As a professor, I see the disconnect on a daily basis. But the question is, what to do about it. At SXSW, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Lehmann, the principal of [...]


Picture 2

In SXSW? Our Revolution Wants to Hear from You!

Our Revolution leader, Ja-Nae Duane, talks about making it to SXSW and is looking to talk to you.


Night driving

Documenting A Roadtrip Ain’t Easy

  So, here we are  in Savannah, GA on day 3 of our roadtrip.  For the first time since we hit the road, I have to time to pull all of the photos and videos off of the cameras we have with us.  I have an innate affinity for video, but I have never done [...]


The Open Road

Here we go!

Day one of the Our Revolution Roadtrip is underway.  This morning at 730 am, I was picked up in NYC by Ja-Nae & Topher in a van that DOESN’T look very much like a GreenVan.  Unfortunately, as our bio-diesel van was being driven from Boston to NYC, it broke down.  Thanks to the AWESOME people [...]



Our Revolution! NYC Launch Party

Join Our Revolution! for our New York City Launch Party at The Night Hotel Lounge.