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Your score is !  You are a General!

You are the planner. You see around corners. You are always working to carry out the larger campaign. You are fluid, able to utilize your environment, your people, and help from unexpected quarters. You marshal others with your battle strength and keen eye. Your stories are legendary.

“If you tell people where to go, but not how to get there, you’ll be amazed at the results.” -George S. Patton


You are not afraid to get dirt under your fingernails or to rough it for a couple of days. You are a tireless worker and your strength comes from inner integrity and an overarching desire to do the right thing. You march to the front of the line with a gusto and fortitude that compels everyone else to fall in line beside you.


You can stall when faced with a tough decision and linger over agonizing details. Worried about sinking the entire plan, your fear of making a mistake can cripple your ability to act. Remember to remain fluid, anticipate the unforeseen, and the value of trusted advisors.


Cell phone, walkie-talkie, clipboard, tablet PC, Skype, compass, maps, map table, GPS, watch, Cuban cigar.


I will devise the most efficient and expeditious strategy for accomplishing my goal with the resources at my disposal.


Green. Like little green army men and the green earth where the action plays out, green is visceral and on-the-ground. Like natural resources, you will take from the environment around you and build a plan from the ground up.

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