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Our Revolution: Road Trip

There is social good happening all around us. Creative and underground economies are finding new ways of viable sustainability. These powerful examples help us understand how we can be our best. How we can work, play, learn, relate, create, enjoy, and explore the world as individuals and communities for a greater good.

Sparked by the need to share the social good that is occurring in the world, Our Revolution Road trip will connect these sustainable models and the innovators who are creating them in totally new and wildly playful ways. Our trip is designed to change the world — and will be curated by a team of award-winning creatives and entrepreneurs with more than a decade’s experience making breakthrough social, independent and grassroot change.

Revolution Roundtable: In each city, an engaging group of creatives and social innovators have agreed to share their views on the knowing ways of social good and how collectively we do make a difference. During these live events, the global community will be able to ask questions and assist in crowd sourcing solutions to issues facing each specific community. Each event will also feature local artists by highlighting them and having them create derivative works based on the event itself.

Check out our city schedule to see if we are coming to you!