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Your score is !  You are a Rebel!

“I am not afraid… I was born to do this.” -Joan of Arc

You stir it up. You lead the chant, you grab the megaphone, you call the strike. Enough is enough. The walls of this oppressive system are too small to hold your passion for freedom. You are incensed by the prospect of bondage and would rather set it all ablaze than sit still and take it. Your force is righteous and infectious. That tank in the square has got nothing on you.


You ask the tough questions. You stand up for the little guy. You possess an envious ability to strike down obstacles and tear through barriers that stand in the way. Your sheer force clears a path on the one end and rallies incredible devotion on the other. Your struggle is the human struggle and others see the beauty and the valor of your fight for freedom in themselves.


You can be angry, sullen, and rebel against the very causes trying to empower you. It is easy for you to demand answers to questions that may not have them yet or to chomp at the bit during the downtime of a campaign. Remember that you are the spark that sets the powder keg off – when your time to shine comes, you can be sure there will be fireworks.


Lockpicks, police scanner, bus pass, change of clothes, backpack, boots, change and cash in your shoe, megaphone, printing press, reams of paper, staple gun, spraypaint, camera, sunglasses, airtight alibis.


I am the first one to stand. Others may follow and eventually replace me, but I must fight the hardest and remain the loudest so that my actions open the doorway for the rebellion and make it accessible to all my brothers and sisters suffering in silence.


Red. Like the blood that courses through your veins and the heart that tirelessly pumps it, red is the color of vitality. Red is the fire, the blaze, the volcano, and under its banner, you rise to perilous heights to defiantly cast off your chains.

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