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Greenvans is the first independent van-rental company to offer a fleet of alternative fuel vehicles. Bio-Diesel and Waste GreenvansVegetable Oil (WVO) fuel our energy efficient, clean burning vans specifically designed to meet the long distance travel and cargo requirements of touring bands.

#140conf: Our goal is to bring together a curated group of characters to both lead and contribute to the discussions. And this140 Characters Conference event isn’t just about twitter. Open for discussion are all platforms and applications which are effecting and contributing to the real-time internet experience.

We believe that the knowledge shared and learned at this event will help bring more people into the twitter ecosystem. The take-aways from our event will provide the attending delegates knowledge, perspectives and insights to the next wave of effects twitter will have on business.

Engage Marketing & Design: “The philosophy that ‘one person can bring about change’ has always impressed me.  The opportunity to support a movement such as this was extremely motivating for Eng@ge. You can just feel the inspiratEngage Marketingion of collaborative ideas revolving around a nucleus of people focused on making positive influences in communities. What an amazing statement of progressive ideals!

The written word can have impact and so can each ‘touch’ we extend towards one another.”

SnapGoods: SnapGoods is a NYC-based startup that lets you rent or borrow anything you neSnapGoodsed from anyone, whether you know them or not. We do this by safely and easily connecting you to your trusted network of friends, neighbors and businesses in order to access the goods you want when you need them. We help you hook each other up.

33needs helps socially conscious startups raise money through small investments from ordinary people.  For example, a 27-year-old in Los Angeles, CA could invest as little as $10 in Husk Power Systems, a company providing low-cost energy services to rural India *to profit himself and the world around him. Simply put, our job is to find people most able to create change and get them what they need to do it.

Twitter: @33needs