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 Spotlight features great people creating social change within their communities. Each spotlight activist has given Our Revolution and exclusive interview about their inspirations and work, giving helpful advice to people trying to create their own revolutions.

            Roseann Masson      


     Roseann Mason is the founder of an award winning program called Diversity Circles. It is run through the Center of Community Partnership at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and works for civil rights. Read our exclusive interview with her here

The Interview

Jeff McElhaney


     Jeff McElhaney is the founder and president of the Brand-Aid Creative organization that helps revolutionize the way corporations use advertisement. See how he got started and how he found his intersection in his interview with our revolution

The Interview

Michael Belt


      Michael Belt is currently working as a union organizer for the United Auto Workers (UAW). Find out how he is helping workers gain rights in New York.

His Story