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#BULEADS Part 3: Passion is the Answer

Laurens Spethmann, junior at Boston University, says there is a simple answer to the question, “What makes a good entrepreneur?” He calls it passion.   “With enough passion and confidence, you can accomplish nearly anything,” he insists. He brings this mindset to the club he co-founded, BU’s Venture Accelerator, which aims to expand and cultivate creative, entrepreneurial interest on [...]


Let’s Make Leadership Attainable

Are you comfortable calling yourself a leader? Drew Dudley asks the audience this question during his TEDx Talk in Toronto. Few hands reluctantly elevate as he goes onto explain that this is the most common response from his audiences and from most people, generally. I’ll admit that I wouldn’t readily label myself as a leader [...]


how to organize an effective meeting

How to Run an Effective Meeting

Let’s face it, most meetings feel like a waste of time. They seem pointless and boring at times. You often have to drag yourself to the conference room for the monthly regular meeting, where all your colleagues sip their coffee and zone out. But if you are involved in organizing volunteer projects or leading the [...]