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create a revolution-janae

Announcement: Launch of Our Revolution Week

We have some big news to share with you! Since Ja-Nae’s book, “How to Create a Revolution: A Step-by-Step-Guide to History’s Social Influencers” is coming out May 3rd, we’ve decided to do something special and help those unsung heroes who have been working so hard to change the world. With that, we are pleased to [...]


how to create a green school

How to Transform Your School Into a Green School

When we think about helping the environment on a community level, the usual things come to mind: recycling drives, cleaning up a park, advocating for better anti-pollution policies, etc. But there’s a new trend taking hold across the country (and even in some parts of the world): the green school. The concept behind a green [...]


starting an awareness campaign

How to Start an Awareness Campaign for Your Cause

We all have some cause we are passionate about, whether it’s finding the cure for breast cancer or raising awareness about environmental issues. For me, it has been raising awareness and support for pregnancy and infant loss, topics that even in today’s society are considered taboo to talk about. But like cancer or autism, pregnancy [...]


kids are heroes

Kids Are Heroes: Helping Children Change the World

It started with a 9-year-old’s pronouncement, “I want to help animals.” MaryMargaret O’Neill’s father, Gabe, suggested she broaden her goal. “Why stop at animals? Why not people, too, or the environment?” From that moment in 2008, father and daughter took a germ of an idea and grew it into Kids Are Heroes, a global non-profit [...]


how to help after a natural disaster

How to Help in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster

As Hurricane Irene, potentially the worst storm the Northeast has seen in over 25 years, bears down on the east coast, citizens are hurriedly making emergency preparations. FEMA provides plenty of checklists and tips for being prepared, and most people will have their emergency kits, spare batteries, and non-perishable food supplies stocked up. But in [...]


how to organize an effective meeting

How to Run an Effective Meeting

Let’s face it, most meetings feel like a waste of time. They seem pointless and boring at times. You often have to drag yourself to the conference room for the monthly regular meeting, where all your colleagues sip their coffee and zone out. But if you are involved in organizing volunteer projects or leading the [...]



Overcoming Violence Through Positive Social Influence

What is the power of influence? Is it our ability to persuade those around us into performing a certain action or thinking a certain way? Is this merely the action that influences us or does the power reside in the individual? Does this influence increase exponentially when you factor in the power of one’s social [...]


group volunteer project

How to Organize a Group Volunteer Project

Organizing a group project is a rewarding, but huge, task. It requires hours of planning and talking with volunteers to organize and delegate the work. Nevertheless, with the cooperation of everyone involved, it can end up being not only a productive endeavor, but fun as well. It’s an opportunity to share your own passion with [...]


teaching children social good

Teaching Social Good to Our Children

Promoting social good is a worthy and admirable cause that I firmly believe in. Everyone has the power to make a difference, and each small step we take towards that greater good is a huge victory in the battle to change the world for the better. But if we really want to change the world, we must start with ourselves and our children


social good

Ready to start your own revolution?

Throughout time, revolutions have begun with a single event that calls to action those who can no longer sit idly by and watch. It is through these revolutions that people have won freedom from tyranny and made the world a better place. Still today there are revolutions happening all over the world, from large peaceful [...]