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7 Social Change Kickstarters — and Why They Will Change the World

Kickstarter has gotten a lot of press for its ability to fund people’s passion projects (albums, films, even magnetic hieroglyphics), but few things have been written about the rising trend that some are using it to help those in need and foster change in the world. With that in mind, here are seven Kickstarter projects [...]


kids are heroes

Kids Are Heroes: Helping Children Change the World

It started with a 9-year-old’s pronouncement, “I want to help animals.” MaryMargaret O’Neill’s father, Gabe, suggested she broaden her goal. “Why stop at animals? Why not people, too, or the environment?” From that moment in 2008, father and daughter took a germ of an idea and grew it into Kids Are Heroes, a global non-profit [...]


teaching children social good

Teaching Social Good to Our Children

Promoting social good is a worthy and admirable cause that I firmly believe in. Everyone has the power to make a difference, and each small step we take towards that greater good is a huge victory in the battle to change the world for the better. But if we really want to change the world, we must start with ourselves and our children


edmonton humane society Donates to Edmonton Humane Society

CEO of Walter Schwabe shares how an online tv show called PawdCast came into reality through active collaboration between and Edmonton Humane Society.



PhotoPhilanthropy: Photography for Social Change

Our Revolution finds a chance to connect with Nancy Cole, the executive director of during PhotoPhilantropy Activist Awards – an annual event sponsored by the organization hoping to promote social awareness by giving rewards and prices to photos and images that best convey the ideas of the theme.



Not an Option

I saw this graffiti piece in South Austin as I was walking around the streets on one of our last days in town. The walk around town was part to get out of the usual craziness of the South by Southwest Conference and explore, part for photography, but mostly to clear my head. We hit [...]



RocketHub Teams Up with Our Revolution Road Trip (Reblog)

  Our Revolution believes that “social good is happening all around us. Creative and underground economies are finding new ways of viable sustainability.” The RocketHub team wholeheartedly agrees! So a natural alliance was born. We’re proud to be partnered with Our Revolution as they embark on their Roadtrip: “Sparked by the need to share the [...]


Our Revolution! Logo

Our Revolution!

Our Revolution is an interactive transmedia project that will empower each and every one of us to help facilitate change in some way, no matter how small. Whether its change at home, in your community, globally or just within you- you will have the tools you need to be the change you wish to see in the world. We will walk step-by-step and do it together.