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Catching Sunset by Keoni on Flickr (Storytelling)

Storytelling for Social Good: Developing Your Message

The first post in our storytelling series highlighted the reasons why storytelling is useful when promoting a cause, a project, or your organization. It also gave some examples of tools you can use to tell your story effectively. This post will gives you some more suggestions for developing your unique message. Again, three important goals [...]



Socialblood: Bringing People Together to Save Lives

Giving blood has long been a great way for people to donate something precious even if they can’t afford to offer money or personal belongings. All you have to do is set aside an hour, let someone poke you with a needle, and you walk away knowing you’ve done a good deed. But – except [...]



HopeMob: Crowdsourcing for Social Giving

Head over to Kickstarter and you’ll see lots of people waving their arms and trying to get your attention for personal projects, like helping an indie band get their first album made or a wannabe developer make a really cool sounding video game. With all the struggle going on in the world, it’s a shame [...]



Promoting Social Good: Spotlight on Social Change Apps

If you’re passionate about social change, you can’t help but be excited by all of the opportunities to make an impact using the latest technology. Social change apps have been around for a while now, but there are new ones being developed constantly, becoming more user-friendly and offering greater rewards in exchange for your participation. [...]



How to Keep Your Volunteers Motivated

In a time of shrinking budgets, and even when funding is plentiful, volunteers are the heart and soul of your organization, event, or project. However, when you get deep into your work, remembering to motivate your volunteers often moves to the back burner in terms of your priorities. Getting caught up in daily activities or [...]



Promoting Social Good: Spotlight on Anti-Bullying Apps

Bullying and cyber bullying have been in the national spotlight a lot lately, thanks to the media attention following the documentary Bully, as well as the now famous case of the middle school boys taunting their school bus monitor, with their verbal assaults captured on video for the world to see.



Revolutionizing the Classroom – A Conversation with Whitney Hoffman

Recently we were able to sit down with writer and content producer, Whitney Hoffman, a prominent voice in new media who, for the last several years, has been leading her own revolution in the field of education. Inspired in large part by her children’s own experience with learning, Whitney has used multiple platforms – including [...]



The Key to Getting Motivated

For creatives, world changers, truth seekers and the socially-driven, motivation is a constant see-saw battle between passion and procrastination. We don’t always wake ready to conquer things. Sometimes, just getting into first gear is a taxing process. The key to getting and staying motivated is … (lengthy drum roll) To stop focusing on motivation. Wait, [...]


by dominicspics on flickr

Creative Fundraising For Your Revolution

You’ve found your idea, the special core that will function as the heart and soul of your revolution. You know it’s an idea with legs, and one that will go far if given the opportunity. As we all know, however, “opportunity” more often than not means having funds.. and fundraising can be one of the [...]


twitter for good claire diaz-ortiz

Book Review: Twitter for Good by Claire Diaz-Ortiz

We have seen the value that social media offers to businesses and individuals seeking to promote themselves. It only makes sense that non-profits and other entities can harness that same power to promote their causes. That’s where Claire Diaz-Ortiz’s Twitter for Good comes in. Diaz-Ortiz is the leader of Corporate Social Innovation and Philanthropy at [...]