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The Future of Non-Profits

Is the non-profit model as we know it dead? As part of March/April’s Revolution: Solutions Spotlight, Estrella Rosenberg, the founder of Big Love Little Hearts talks about her organizations’ transformation and the future of non-profits. What are your thoughts? Should more non-profits head in this direction? Are there other non-profits that have decided to take [...]


Our Revolution Speaks Out at SXSW Social Media Clubhouse

After a rewarding first half of the trip, Ja-Nae Duane, Topher Zioboro, and Stuart Tracte speak about Our Revolution and crowd sourcing a road trip. Take a look: Our Revolution – 3.11.11 from Social Media Club on Vimeo. Special thanks to Jessica Murray of Social Media Club Chicago for inviting us to speak. What’s socially [...]


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In SXSW? Our Revolution Wants to Hear from You!

Our Revolution leader, Ja-Nae Duane, talks about making it to SXSW and is looking to talk to you.


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Our Revolution: We’re Coming to Your Town!

It’s alive! I’m so excited to have the website (though still in flux) up and running. Watch the video and tell me who you know. I look forward to connecting with you!