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The Manifesto of Our Revolution

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We, the members of Our Revolution, gather to defend and spread a central ideal: that every human being is granted the rights of Autonomy, Expression, and Actualization. We believe the individual struggle to grow beyond ourselves drives revolution, evolution, and heroic epochs. We believe that suppressing these rights, dulls reaction to change, and allows controlling systems to emerge. We define these rights as:

Autonomy: a life pursued on one’s own terms, with education and training chosen to serve those ends.

Expression: the means through which one creates a narrative impact on the worldview, and the resources required to serve those ends.

Actualization: the realization of one’s fullest potential, and the human collaboration required to serve those ends.

In defense of this central ideal, the collective WE state the following.

We promise that we will:

  • stay vigilant to the signs of untruth, manipulation, and control. We will make mindful decisions, based on actualized principles of conduct. Treat others with respect and value the individual contributions they align themselves with. Work to eliminate limitations, barriers, and hierarchies. Awaken to flow.
  • not remain silent in the face of injustice, oppression, or the restriction of human dignity. But instead question the status quo, encourage individual thought, and demand the dismantling of exploitative practices.
  • act when the moment presents itself. In the face of incontrovertible evidence to a violation of these rights, right action is appropriate. The human condition implies action.
  • adhere to a campaign of perpetual non-violence. Rage, passion, and the expression of human suffering are powerful instruments for change. Aim to honor the emotions behind righteous anger, but restrict expression to non-violent ends.

As stewards of our central ideal, the collective WE state the following:

Until the last human being enjoys the benevolent prosperity of these rights, we will work tirelessly to further our mission. We will:

  • serve as educators, ambassadors, and champions for our causes. Inform and instruct, arming seekers with knowledge. Reach past barriers and hierarchies to search for commonality and unity. Lend our spirit and support to the cause, even when weary, and left alone.
  • accept the roles we have chosen with ownership and accountability. Continually hone our expertise and keep our knowledge current and actionable. Take control of our unique skillset and potential and engage the current system as skilled operators.
  • remember the creativity and play inherent in the human qualities of wonder, immersion, and engagement. Strive to relate lessons through allegory and example, made scalable for talk amongst any strata or culture. Inspire others to remember those qualities for themselves.

We, the members of Our Revolution, stand behind the human ideals of ingenuity, creativity, and our common story. We have received great wisdom and benefit from the process of actualization, and as it is experiential knowledge, know that it is only attainable via direct experience. We believe that opportunity should be made available to all. We are committed to serving that end.

It is our hope that if enough people wake to their potential, the energy behind the current state of upheaval can be guided in a benevolent and preserving direction.

Moving forward, we are prepared to lead with unity, through example.

If you accept the terms of this manifesto, then share this out to your Facebook wall.

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