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Your score is !  You are a Visionary!

You see the big picture. Unobscured by doubt or derision, you can see the far reaching impact of your mind’s eye. You see the events that need to be engineered and the people best suited for the task. Whether it is a drawing on a cocktail napkin or a flash of insight that expands what you once thought possible into new and exciting directions, you have seen something of great value.


Guided by the force of your vision, you can bring new, compelling, and ingenious ideas to light and accomplish much. You are willing to fail and to sacrifice and take the big gambles because you see the endgame clearly.


Tunnel vision, recklessness, and skipping steps can torpedo your goals and derail your ability to create scaffolding for your vision. Remember the big picture, the value of criticism, and that you have a life outside of “the movement”.


Sketch paper, notebooks, white boards, dry erase markers, pencils, pens, voice recognition software, digital voice recorder, chalkboards, friends that remind you to eat.


The vision that I see is stamped with my individuality and I am uniquely qualified to guide it to life.


Blue. Like the vast oceans and the sky, blue is a color without boundary. Free and unencumbered in the blue, you are free to create and construct your vision without limits.


“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” -John F. Kennedy

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